Vegetables in box are not only tinned food

What is it ?

Serrebox is a small cubic device, Arduino MEGA-based, developed to be placed in a greenhouse, whatever its size. It can vary from the 1x1 meter made with plastic bottles in a balcony to 10x3 meter garden greenhouse. This little box will record humidity in the soil, surrounding humidity and temperature around. The MEGA will analyse this informations and will react through different modules to reach a threshold and maintain an optimal condition in the greenhouse.

Currently, it is able to water your plants according to the remaining water in the soil (extra water-saving, because it water your crop when everything was used before), to regulate the surrounding humidity thanks to a high-pressure pomp and to generate air flows to avoid fungi (mushrooms development near the stem and roots).

What is it for ?

According to the actual context in agriculture, food production and so on, people are right to want to watch out again what they are eating. To be autonomous in food supply, a lot of time and knowledge in gardening are needed. It is obvious that the habits have changed in our world, with less time to spend in and with less surface to garden.

SerreBox will thus help you to grow your own little production and save extra money (it is really cheap and quick to build : ~150€ / 6 hours). It is really scalable, with other functions already foreseen. So, why wont' you eat vegetables and go to McDo, NOW ?

Future is now.

Now, the prototype is working (only the box have to be built). I'm a biologist, not a I.T or pro in electronic. Every codes, plans, board schemes ... will be freely publicized in the website (, only in French atm, but no problem to send me a private message to discuss). So if anyone have tips, advices, etc, feel free !

What I plan now ? To add CO2 content record and release, to make the box electrically-autonomous with solar panels, to adjust watering water's pH ... Light will never be focused with this box, I really want to make the installation of the box in a greenhouse already built the easiest I can. But if some of you are interested for, I already wrote the code and just a relay have to be add to control your lights.

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